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A World Champion Of Magic

Marc Oberon is the only Englishman to ever win first place in the FISM World Championships of Magic.

Born in Nottingham, England, Marc has entertained audiences professionally around the globe for the last 30 years.

Treat your guests to the best there is in Close Up Magic.

Marc Oberon’s Shows

Close Up

Marc Oberon is a World Champion Close up magician.

Marc presents his craft in an Original and Interactive way. Breaking the ice and bringing your guests together with warmth and charm. Marc is the perfect magician for a whole range of celebrations, bringing Amazement, Laughter and a Powerful Wow Factor.

Whether it be Weddings, Parties, Corproate Events.


Perfect After Dinner Entertainment.

Whether for an intimate Family Celebration or a large Conference Event. Marc’s magic will enchant your guests with a Fun and Memorable experience. From 10 to 40 minutes long, with optional Audience Participation.

It’s Guarenteed that your guests will be talking about this for a Long Time afterwards.


Marc Oberon is an International Headline Act.

Marc’s Elegant and Captivating style draws audiences in with Strong Magic; that is both Interactive and Visual, Including mind blowing feats of levitation. This show has played to audiences from 100 people, (For example the Magic Castle in Hollywood.)

To 1000 people aboard the prestigious Cunard Ships; The Queen Victoria, The Queen Elizabeth and The Queen Mary 2.

Mind Reading

Psychological Illusions.

Using his knowledge of Mind Control, reading people and implanting suggestions, Marc can convincingly demonstrate extra sensory perception.

The Show is Interactive – Even to the extent where he can orchestrate a situation where a Participant will be able to read the mind of another Spectator.

A Psychologically stimulating experience that leaves the audience thinking and discussing what they’ve Experienced.

UV Show

The Ultimate Wow Factor.

Special Effects usually only seen on the screen are here to be experienced in three dimensional reality.

You are invited to lose yourself in a surreal Twilight World, where spectacular floating shapes Fragment and Reform and Electrical Currents transform and possess the space before your eyes. The climax of the show is Marc Levitating, Twisting and Turning in Zero Gravity.

There is Nothing else like this show.

Guest Speaker

Marc Oberon On becoming a World Champion.

Marc delivers a Compelling Presentation, explaining his thought processes that have enabled him to win ALL of the Major Competitions in his field.

He demonstrates his theory of magical choreography, by teaching the Whole Audience a magic trick that they will be able to amaze their family and friends with.

But more Importantly, they will Understand a way of thinking about Practice that will be applicable to other areas of their Lives.


Marc Oberon performs a stunning routine for Penn & Teller.

Blowing the audience’s mind, predicting their card choices and turning matter into gold.

Penn and Teller had this to say – “I loved it – this is classic magic – when people go to see a magic show, this is what they want to see.”

Marc Oberon demonstrates his magical ability.

Levitating objects, transforming them, multiplying them and making them vanish!

Jonathan Ross had this to say – “Incredible stuff – Marc that was remarkable! We do not see people of this calibre on a regular basis!”

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